Inshan Meahjohn- A Soul Healer With Positive Mind

Our life is a gift from God so whenever we feel low due to failures in any aspect of life we need peace of mind or somebody who keep motivating us to overcome from all hurdles of life. When somebody becomes slave of his mind, he can’t overcome until unless a guide comes in his life to heal his soul. There are people who love to help others to get rid of from their inner flaws, Inshan Meahjohn improving the human condition by giving his service in stress management, business and life coaching, business advice & inspiration, business development, leadership and training.

positive thinking

Inshan Meahjohn is the Assistant Vice President Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization at University of Trinidad and Tobago.  Being a youngest insurance agency manager in the Caribbean at Life of Barbados, Inshan became the founding president of IARFC (International Association of Registered Financial Consultants). In his four years of participation in US based worldwide governing body, he contributed in increasing the members to eight thousands. He is a versatile entrepreneur whose article has been published internationally.

Inshan believes in living his life to the fullest. He has been happily married for over fifteen years with great kids. Inshan gives financial training throughout the Caribbean, Central and Latin America. He has done several diplomas in business to guide others to achieve the success by following his simple principals of business. Inshan’s business advice and coaching helped thousands of people to set a benchmark in their field. Learning has no end that’s what Inshan says, he has participated multiple times in international leadership training in Paris.

positive mind

Inshan lit the flame of knowing yourself by letting you through deep inside of your thoughts and mind. If your body is not well, medicines cure it but if your soul hurts what is the method of heal it? Stress which disturb our mind and body, affects our soul too. Inshan teaches us how to manage your stress.  He is skilled in Stress management. Many blog has been written by Inshan Meahjohn  over positive thinking towards life and stress management.

When a mentor like Inshan guides you to get successful in your business and in life then failure can’t touch your thoughts. You can manage your stress of life, job and your business in an effective manner. Inshan has tremendous quality of reading his listener’s mind that in few seconds you get involved with him. Whether we talk about his blog about living your life in a positive way or leading in your business, you can’t resist yourself reading one then another.

Inshan Meahjohn has already started healing our soul with positive mind. Start making yourself positive magnet by managing your stress in life and business. Do not limit yourself when you can live limitless in single life.






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