Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs – Inshan Meahjohn

Being an Entrepreneur isn’t simple – not just do you need to give a phenomenal administration, however you also need to maintain a business and deal with your own particular time. Do you ever end up feeling totally stressed when you think about everything you need to do, or observe that you just can’t get on top of all the work? Here are some vital tips and procedures shared by Inshan Meahjohn which you can apply to accomplish progressively and feel more profitable.

Time management tips for entrepreneurs


There is a typical expression that says “By neglecting to plan, you are waiting to fail”. In the event that you don’t plan, you won’t know all that you have to do to make a task fruitful. You may be not prepared, face sudden issues, due dates could be missed and your reputation could be in question, or you are left feel unorganized, sloppy and stressed. You should know the worth of planning, it might not have quick results, but rather bear in mind what it is costing you to not plan.

So the initial step is you need to record everything, don’t keep anything in your mind. Put everything down onto a bit of paper, an excel spreadsheet, whatever works best for you. Additionally, recall to incorporate your routine tasks in your daily planner. When we are arranging our assignments, it is useful on the off chance that we allocate a particular measure of time for a specific task, to what extent you think it will take, and you should be reasonable.

So you have recorded all that you have to do and you have assigned a period to it. What next, which task do we finish first? There are fixed 24 hours in the day and keeping in mind the end goal to be more gainful, we have to do the tasks that will present to us the most value, you have to organize, and organize sensibly.


Ask yourself – If I could pick one thing from the list, which would be the most essential? On the other hand, which assignments would give me the most profit for my investment of time? In the wake of recognizing the most critical assignment, you search for the second most imperative, and keep so on, checking, time distribution for each and plan, what action should be finished.

You can aggregate your assignments in various classes and this can help you to organize, the greater part of your time ought to be spent on classifications 1 and 2.

Essential and critical, Critical and not Urgent, Urgent yet not essential, neither urgent/nor Important and wasted time.


According to Inshan Meahjohn, when you have arranged and organized; you need to perform! This implies you need to focus on one assignment until it is 100% finished! You need to finish it with no diversion or redirection by any means. Turn off your mobile and close your email, clear those diversions that you know you typically have. This will expand your profitability, the quality and the amount of your work. In the event that you concentrate on finishing one task at once, you will be surprised at the amount you can complete!

Planning, Prioritizing and Performing are keys to achieving!


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